Types of Private Jet Charter Cards

If you enjoy traveling in style, you may want to invest in a jet card. These cards allow you perks and amenities when booking or traveling in a jet. In fact, they work similarly to other airline rewards cards that you may have or be familiar with.

Like any card, though, jet cards come in a wide variety of options. Before you decide which jet card to use, it’s important that you consider all of the options that are currently available to you.

Dollars or Hours

When it comes to jet cards, you have two basic options: choosing dollars or choosing hours. Some cards will allow you to buy dollar value cards, such as prepaid jet cards available in various increments. These can be anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 or more worth of travel. You can opt to choose how much you want to add to the card, and you can use the card until your dollar amount has worn off or expired.

Hours work similarly, but instead of buying a dollar amount, you buy hours of air time, ranging from 10 to 50 hours typically. When you travel, the hours of your flight time will be reduced from your card’s hours.

Some companies will give you the choice of which type of card to buy while others only use one option. In some cases, dollar cards will give you access to a larger fleet of planes while hour cards will only allow you to stick with certain fleets. It’s best to review the card’s specific rules and make your choice based on their specific options and regulations.

Expiration Dates

When choosing your jet card, make sure you pay attention to the expiration date. Some cards may not expire, which will allow you to use your hours or dollars whenever you’d like with no penalty. Others may expire after one or two years after the purchase date, which means you’ll need to travel regularly in order to use the card effectively. Some companies may also take a “fee” after a certain timeframe. For example, your card company may take an hour or $100 worth of your card away if not used within one or two years, so be sure you read the fine print before choosing.

Blackout and Peak Dates

Before choosing your card, you also want to have a thorough understanding of your travel options. Some cards implement blackout or peak travel dates, and even as a cardholder, you will not be allowed to use your hours or dollars during this time. This isn’t fair, and depending on when you do most of your traveling, you may find that your peak travel time occurs at the same time as the card’s peak travel time, so your card will go unused. Make sure that you know upfront if the company has blackout dates and what those dates are before signing up. If possible, try to find a card that doesn’t have blackout dates so that you can use your jet card whenever you want to travel, without any worry.

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