Tips on How to Make the Best Use of a Small Bathroom

Many homes in the UK have small bathrooms. Families have to share the bathroom, making it a difficult space to work with. A small bathroom has to perform many different tasks, even those that are not shared by the entire family. We’ve put together a few tips that can help you to maximise the potential of this small room.

Focus on the Function

Looks should not be the main focus when picking out a bath. It needs to serve its purpose while making the best possible use of the space you have available. One suitable option is the use of a P shaped bath. This type of bath has one end slightly wider than the other, often with a shower screen and a gentle curve so that it looks appealing and allows for movement at the shower end. The other end is a typical bath tub design where you can lie back and enjoy soaking in a tub full of bubbles. A central tap in the P-shaped bath allows for the addition of a shower at one end with a head resting spot at the other.

The Vanity Unit

Don’t skimp on installing a vanity unit as they are extremely useful and attractive to future buyers. You can make the space feel less crowded by opting for a floating vanity. The floating design frees up the floor space below, still allowing for storage but not overpowering the space. Another good vanity tip is to choose a slightly curved design to help you avoid banging yourself on sharp corners.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Fill one entire wall or the entire wall space above the sink with a mirror. Mirrors help to increase the light in a small space, particularly useful if you have a small window or no window at all. Mirrors are also attractive and essential in this most intimate of rooms. LED mirrors have built-in lights that are useful for multiple reasons, especially if you have females in the home who carry out daily skin care and make up routines.

Towel Solutions

Remove the radiator and replace it with a heated towel rack. They add an extra design touch to the space, keep towels nice and warm and are a great use of space. If you don’t have a bathroom that would suit such a modern alternative your best option is to install the towel rack on the back of the door, rather than taking up valuable wall space.

Modern Sinks

Think about how large the sink needs to be to meet the needs of your family. If you have a busy household you could benefit from the addition of a wall-mounted narrow trough sink. For less hectic homes or bathrooms where the sinks are only really used for brushing teeth and washing hands you could get away with a small bowl design. They are modern and the space that is freed up can be used for additional storage.

These tips will help you to create the ideal bathroom regardless of its size. Always ensure each item in the bathroom has a valuable function and eliminate anything that isn’t needed.

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