Tips for Providing Better Customer Service

There’s nothing more off-putting than receiving bad customer service from a company, and it’s one of the best ways to ensure that people will refrain from providing you with their business in the future. We’ve all been there in experiencing bad customer service, and it’s likely to be an experience that sticks with you, regardless of how good the product was.

If you’d like to improve your company’s customer service, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled some top tips on how you can do just that.

Retrain your staff

If you feel that your customer service has been lacking as of late and you want to make some major improvements, you might want to think about retraining your staff on the subject, by investing in some good customer service training. Ensure that all members of staff take the course so that they’re all on the same page, and so that no one feels targeted. You can read more about customer service training ideas here.

Be available and easily accessible

If your customers have a problem, chances are they’ll need to speak to you, and they shouldn’t have to go to the ends of the earth to do so. So many companies fall at this simple hurdle; not being ready and available for their customer’s calls and emails, meaning that their problems are going unsolved. Look into new technologies such as Inbound Call Management which will help you manage your customer’s calls more efficiently, too.

Go out of your way to help your customers

As well as the bad experiences we’ve had with customer service, the ones that were really great will also stick in our minds. People appreciate it when you go that extra mile for them and solve a problem for them by coming up with a solution that they may not have expected, or if they end up with a discount or even something for free. It’s ok to break the rules sometimes and go that extra mile for your customers, and there’s no better way to show them how important they are.

Respond to complaints

Complaints are a regular part of almost every business, as things are sometimes going to go a little bit wrong. Even if complaints are very rare, or if they happen frequently, it’s so important that you respond to each and every one of them. It’s not enough to notice when your company is doing good things for your customers; you need to acknowledge when things haven’t worked. There’s a really useful article regarding handling customer complaints here that’s well worth a read.

Set clear standards for your staff

It’s really important that the level of customer service you provide is consistent, so that your customers will all have similar experiences when dealing with you. Your staff should have a clear idea of how they are to deal with customers and how they handle things like problems and complaints. Monitor the individual team members regularly to assess this.


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