The NEW Inbound Call Center

Summary:The very idea of outsourcing a call center for your business needs is still very new and exciting to many. However, the whole concept is growing more advanced and high-tech each year, allowing inbound call centers to be truly new and exciting. Part of this innovation is cloud-based software known as ACD and IVR.

If you’re hoping to use an inbound call center, it’s a different experience than it was 10 years ago. Today’s business owner is able to track calls and be involved in ways never before possible. ACD and IVR features allow call center operations to run smoothly and professionally.

What exactly does the latest inbound call center software allow companies to do? With most, your callers will be connected with the right agent without a lot of waiting or having to leave a message. You can also integrate with your other business applications so everything is streamed directly and effectively.

Since the Cloud IVR and ACD features allow things to run so easily, expense is reduced. Original call center models had to employ a legion of workers to serve just a few businesses. Now the savings are passed onto you as old infrastructures are done away with and replaced with the new technology.

Besides routing callers to the right department or responding right away to customer service questions, the new inbound call center model also allows for additional features. These include a toll-free number that makes it easier for people to call from wherever they are at. Call conferencing and speech recognition are also included.

For companies that are a bit nervous about using a call center, call recording and monitoring is available. This means you can evaluate the performance of the agent for yourself, and experience what the customer does. Full written reports are available of all calls, and a contact history database is also available to those who would like to see exactly who was called at what time.

Improved efficiency is quite the understatement when it comes to today’s inbound call center operations. You will be amazed at all you can do with a service you may have not even known existed.

Paul is a freelance writer for, a company that understands the importance of not only maintaining happy customers for their clients, but finding new ones as well. If you’ve considered using an inbound call center to improve your clientele experience and are interested in finding new people to use your product, consider giving The Answer2 a call today.

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