Iconic Elevator Scenes — What’s your Favorite?

Every time you step into an elevator, what thoughts pop into your mind?  A favorite memory of your own — or something you saw on television or in a movie? Perhaps you shudder when you think about the characters on The Walking Dead using an elevator shaft to get rid of bodies and feed the walkers — or maybe one of the scenes below comes to mind.


The Shining

Anyone who has watched The Shining remembers the scene part way through the movie when the blood rushes from around the elevator doors and fills the hallway as it flows toward the little boy. The look on his face will give you chills, even if the blood doesn’t.


The Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal Lector is one of the most terrifying madmen in movie history. He is constantly in a straight jacket to prevent his escape from prison. In this elevator scene of several police officers and what appears to be an injured officer on a stretcher are stunned to see blood drip from the ceiling of the elevator. They soon discover the dead officer on top of the elevator as the scene shifts to Hannibal Lector sitting up in the ambulance.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Being trapped in an elevator is a fear many people have, but what if you were in an elevator with a robot that can change shape on top of it trying to stab you with his razor-sharp “arms”? That is exactly what happens as the Terminator tries to help a teenage John Connor break his mother out of an insane asylum. The tension is amazing in this scene.


The Departed

This famous elevator scene takes place near the end of the movie when Leonardo diCaprio’s character, a police informant, fights a corrupt cop, Colin (Matt Damon) on a roof. He finally gets cuffs on the bad cop and drags him into an elevator. As the elevator doors open, a shot rings out and Leo’s character is dead — shot by a friend of Colin who then is shot by Colin. A pile of bodies lay on the floor as Colin calmly walks away. Who saw that coming?


Liar, Liar

If drama/horror movies just aren’t your thing, how about a scene that makes you laugh so hard, tears flow down your face? Jim Carrey is hilarious in a scene in Liar, Liar where he tries desperately to lie to a woman, but because he is unable to lie for 24 hours, his true thoughts about her body come out of his mouth.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Who wouldn’t love an elevator that can go up and down, front-ways and side-ways and any other ways you may want to go? That’s exactly what you get with the Wonkavator — every child’s dream. Charlie and Grandpa Joe get the ride of their lives when Charlie wins the chocolate factory from the slightly insane Willy Wonka.


No matter what scene goes through your mind when you step into an elevator, these scenes are surely ones that important in each movie. If elevators scare you, try to think of a happy scene, such as one in Liar, Liar.


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