How To Plan A Last Minute Weekend Getaway

There’s nothing better than a spontaneous, last-minute trip for the weekend. Hopping on a budget airline and waking up the next day in a brand new city is fantastic. There’s nothing to stop you getting away this coming weekend! Nowadays, there are so many great offers to be found, you can go just about anywhere in the world. Before you rush off and start booking, it’s worth checking our list of expert tips.

There is a bit of an artform to planning a last minute getaway. But don’t worry, we know all the secrets. Today we’re sharing them with you. From keeping costs down, to choosing the right destination, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look.


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Be flexible – The trick to finding a last minute deal is opening yourself up to many possibilities. Be flexible about the destination, the country and the airline. After all, this is the most spontaneous way to book a getaway! Not only that, but you’ll find the very cheapest deal on the internet. European city breaks can come in at a very low price if you’re flexible on destination.

Shop around – When you’re planning a weekend getaway, never accept the first offer that comes along. Always try to find a lower price or better deal. There are hundreds of price comparison websites out there. Enter your search details into a few and find the lowest price. If your haggling skills are good, try calling the operator directly and negotiating the price down.

Stay in an apartment – The biggest cost of any short trip is always the hotel. You can get around this problem by searching for holiday apartments instead. When visiting a new city, we always prefer to book a city apartment. It’s a much more realistic way to immerse yourself in the culture of the city. You’ll see the city through the eye of someone living there. They are often more central too, so getting around is much easier.

Take an extra day off work – There’s nothing worse than rushing your weekend break. Take the Friday or Monday off work and take your time. That extra day will make all the difference when it comes to travelling. It means you can find more things to do or even one squeeze in an extra night. It might just give you a much needed afternoon of relaxation when you get home.

Don’t cram too much in – We’re sure you’ve got a bucket list a mile long for every city! However, it’s really worth slowing down and choosing just one or two essential things. If you try and squeeze in every single attraction, you’ll tire yourself out. The trip will go by far too fast as well. Instead, take the time to just immerse yourself in the city. Walk around and stop in cafes. We think you’ll find much more enjoyment in your trip this way.

A spontaneous, last minute getaway could be just what you need. It will be a complete break from the stressful working week. You’ll explore a new place, and be back in time for tea!

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