How printed marketing materials are relevant in the digital age

With the surge of the internet and social media platforms, digital marketing is at the forefront of modern day marketing. With so much online, it can be easy to neglect traditional marketing tools such as print marketing, which can appear old fashioned and no longer relevant.


Modern marketing techniques focus on digital and online communications. If you own a business, chances are you are using techniques such as key-word targeted content, blogging, social media and online advertisements and banners. Not only is digital marketing cost-effective and convenient, it also offers the potential to hit large audiences.

While it’s unlikely a business would survive without these techniques, it is important to remember that digital marketing’s predecessorrprint marketing   is still relevant. When it comes to traditional printing London and other major cities are home to an abundance of specialist printers that are able to produce a range of eye-catching products such as leaflets, fliers and posters.

Advantages of print marketing.

Tangibility and credibility.
Nothing can quite beat a the thrill of a glossy brochure or newsletter in a crisp, white envelope being delivered in the traditional manner. Email communications are unlikely to ever have the same impact. Many people skim over websites and are likely to hit exit if the screen is dominated by ads and banners. Many online advertisements take time to load and people can quickly lose patience. Online content is likely to be read in a few seconds, whereas printed materials remain in houses or offices for much longer, particularly if the content is relevant and has been properly targeted.

Extending your reach and establishing brand identity.
Print marketing enables you to communicate with thousands of consumers who do not have access to the internet. Many individuals, particularly the older generation, still prefer to read newspapers or magazines and promotions in specialist magazines gives you the opportunity to target niche audiences that may be hard to reach online.

Print can be an ideal medium to showcase your brand to its best advantage. There is nothing quite like an eye-catching brochure or leaflet with vivid colours, images and fonts to establish and reinforce brand recognition. Printed material is also an absolute necessity at marketing events such as trade shows and exhibitions.

If businesses are to survive in the modern world, it is vital they use as many tools as possible to reach consumers. While print marketing may seem old hat, a quick look around the high street will demonstrate its dominance in the world of retail. While business cannot afford to be left behind in the digital age, traditional marketing techniques are likely to remain a key component of modern marketing for many years to come.

Until the day comes when consumers remain entirely in a digital ‘bubble’, businesses of all sizes will still be reliant on traditional printing London and other cities continue to be packed with retail outlets, restaurants, coffee bars and leisure facilities. Such industries existing without printed marketing materials is beyond comprehension!

James McCarthy has worked in the print industry for over ten years. He combines his job with writing content for a number of websites and blogs. Visit this website for a range of professional printing London services.

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