How bi-folding doors and natural light help your family

If you currently live with your children, partner or other members of your family then you’re probably well aware of the importance of keeping them safe and sound at all times.

In doing this, we typically think about remembering to lock the front door, turn the iron off and make sure that the gas hob isn’t left on. While all of these are viable concerns, there are alternative ones that homeowners are perhaps guilty of forgetting.

Something that we often don’t consider, for example, is the significance of natural light.

Though on the surface this may sound a tad paranoid (you do, after all, probably have lamps dotted around the house), there is in fact plenty of research to suggest otherwise.

Today we’re looking into certain findings, and outlining just why natural light should be held in a higher regard for the sake of both you and your family:

Lessens risk of depression

Believe it or not, a lack of sunlight can actually lead to ‘seasonal affective disorder’ (SAD) – a clinically diagnosed condition in which people suffer from periods of depression. Typically occurring during the winter, symptoms of SAD may consist of a craving for carbohydrates, a tendency to oversleep and a lack of overall energy. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that several hospital studies have found patients’ recovery levels to improve when the amount of natural light was increased.

Reduces eye strain

It might be consistent, but quite simply, artificial lighting has proven to be a great strain on our eyes. Strong lights, for instance, require us to squint to properly focus, thus placing unnecessary pressure on our retinas. Considering that this can cause you to struggle with blurred or double vision, dry or watery eyes and sore or irritated eyes, it’s important to try to limit the time that you spend working under harsh artificial lighting.

Promotes productivity

We don’t think that it’s merely a coincidence that schools focus so much on achieving the right lighting for their pupils. Why they routinely do this is quite simple to explain – it promotes learning and productivity. Dimly lit rooms, on the other hand, give off a feeling of lethargy, and don’t reflect positive stimulation in any way whatsoever. Natural lighting wouldn’t just increase the likelihood of your children (if you have any) wanting to get their homework over and done with, but it’d also boost the chances of you completing your work after hours.

Taking into account just three things that natural light can offer, it really does make sense to let more into your home. There are fortunately many ways of doing this – one being purchasing new bi-folding doors.

With roughly a 90% opening, these models offer unparalleled amounts of sunshine, and really ‘bring the outdoors inside’.

Industry leaders, such as Clear View who are based in Yorkshire, specialise in the designing of aluminium doors for these specific purposes to enhance family living within your home.

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