Did you Know You Were a Chelsea Mummy?

What is a Chelsea Mummy, I hear you ask. Well, a Chelsea Mummy is one of those mothers who drive around the streets of London in a vehicle meant for serious off-roading in Africa, and like to drive their kids around to school and football (which they insist on calling Soccer). If this doesn’t sound like you, then perhaps you are one of the other drivers laid out in this infographic. I can guarantee you’ll recognize yourself and most people you know.

My favourite is the Midlife Man as you can spot them a mile off. They’re usually driving a car that’s way too expensive and inappropriate for a man in their his and they drive really slowly past schools to show off his flashy wheels to a bunch of jealous 16 year olds on mopeds. These people are silly, but it’s fun to go driver watching and see how many of these people you can check off the list.
>What type of driver are you?

What type of driver are you? is a graphic produced by Gumtree UK

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