Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Horrors

Before you decide to have the same procedure as your favourite musician or celebrity, it’s a sensible idea to learn a bit about what can happen if things go wrong. Many procedures are undertaken each day and while only a small percent will end up going wrong, it is still a percentage that shouldn’t be ignored. Many celebrities have had to turn to clinical negligence solicitors in order to be awarded with compensation after mistakes were made under the knife, but it’s not only celebrities that have had problems. Everyday men and women like me and you have also suffered at the hands of surgeons who have made errors on the operating table.

Shocking Transformations of the Stars

Let’s take a look at a few of the most famous cosmetic surgery mistakes of the stars. Heidi Montag made the headlines when she decided to have ten cosmetic procedures in just one day. The result was not what she was hoping for and many people feel that she no longer looks as pretty or as natural as she once did. Sure, she did gain more exposure in the media, something Heidi was hoping for, but the exposure wasn’t for the right reasons. Heidi has admitted that her decision to go under the knife was a mistake and has complained about the number of scars she has all over her body.

Jennifer Grey, who played Baby in Dirty Dancing, transformed her face when she opted for a nose job. Her aim was to remove the dorsal hum on her nose, and the end result completely changed her appearance. Many people do think that the surgery does make her look much better than she was, but she is now unrecognisable and this is seen as a negative for the star.

Leslie Ash is another star who ended up regretting her cosmetic surgery. Leslie decided to have her upper lip plumped to look fuller when she was 40 years old. She had a similar injection before but on this fateful occasion the surgeon pumped her lip with a different product and the result was a trout pout that left her and her fans horrified. Leslie later discovered, thanks to an MRI, that the surgeon had used liquid silicone in her lips, which was impossible to remove and now set around the muscles of her lips. Sadly for Leslie, the injection was performed in the living room of one of her friends and she was unable to make a claim for compensation.

Surgeries that are done for vanity reasons carry as much risk as those that are performed to improve the health of a patient. The risks are real and mistakes can be made. It’s important to learn from the mistakes made by those in the public eye and to consider them before you decide to have any work done on your own body. If mistakes are made due to clinical negligence then it is possible to make a claim with solicitors such as http://shireslaw.com, however, it’s better to try and avoid these mistakes by making sensible decisions on how to go about getting cosmetic surgery.

Image source: werner22brigitte/pixabay.com

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