7 Expert Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving. The life event right up there with divorce and death in terms of stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are planning an office or home move in the Gloucester area, you can get it done more quickly, more easily, and less stressfully when you plan ahead and follow a few common-sense guidelines. In particular, packing smartly saves a lot of headaches both on the day and beforehand. Here are our packing tips for movers in Gloucestershire, whether you are moving round the corner or halfway around the world.

1. Label All Your Boxes

This may seem like rather an obvious tip to start with but you would be surprised how many people fail to see the importance of labelling boxes for a home or office move. “I’ll know where they go,” or “I can always open the box to check” are common remarks which people end up regretting. A simple labelling system with the name of the room on the outside of the carton, or a more complicated system with numbers and a corresponding spread sheet, is essential, especially when you are working with professional movers.

2. Don’t Forget to Say “Fragile”

Individually wrap glassware, vases, and other delicate ornaments before securely packing them into strong boxes and labelling the box with a “fragile” marking. With removals Gloucester professionals are always careful but they cannot expect to be able to see through cardboard to discern where the fragile items are.

3. Carry Out Some Groundwork

When working with a firm like www.andrews-removals.com there are certain things you need to do before the movers arrive and it is best to do it the day or night before so you are not rushing around on the day of the move. For example, you need to dismantle any furniture that is easy to disassemble. Remove any cabinets and mirrors from the walls. Take down the curtain rails and pack the contents of the attic, removing the boxes and storing them in a lower room.

4. Don’t Pack Your Clothes

When you are working with Gloucestershire movers it is not usually necessary to take down all your clothes and pack them in suitcases. You can leave them hanging in the wardrobe and on moving day you can shift them to a moving rail.

5. Get Rid of Hazardous Substances

Don’t expect the movers to deal with the disposal of chemicals or inflammable items – make sure you have removed them prior to moving day.

6. Pack a “Day One” Bag

Put a change of clothes, toothbrushes, shower gel, towels, children’s toys, bedding, etc. that you will immediately need into a suitcase or a holdall so that you can easily access them when you need them.

7. Set up a Packing Station

Assign one room or a small section of a room you don’t use very often to be the packing place, where you can keep ready-made boxes, tape, and other packaging items like newspaper. You can then pack on a daily basis without having to search around for boxes and bubblewrap.

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