5 Must-Have Items for Anyone Woman This Christmas

When you get asked the question “what would you like for Christmas” your mind tends to take one of two paths before delivering an answer. It either says “oh nothing, you don’t have to get me much at all” or it says “where shall we start?” There are so many amazing items on the market nowadays that everyone is craving something – even if it’s completely unrealistic or unnecessary.


The thing is we all have our own ideas about what we want and what we need, but it’s often difficult to deliver the answer to a question like this because we know people don’t have huge sums of money to spend on us, and if we wanted it that badly we would probably have already bought it let’s be honest.


When you do try and give some kind of answer, however, it’s often best to take your time and think about it because if the person is going to be kind enough to buy you a present, no matter how much you protest, it should be something that is cherished if you are lucky enough to receive it.


As someone looking to buy a gift for someone, it’s just as difficult a situation as you try and establish what the person already has, and what they might like. With men it’s often an easy solution as you can buy them toiletries or something relating to music or sport in the majority of cases, but with women it’s much more difficult because their tastes are so varied. Your wife or girlfriend may have all kinds of interests, but there are certain designer gifts for her on the market today which are almost certain to prove to be successful purchases.


With Christmas approaching quickly, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to be buying your wife or girlfriend this year so here are the five must-have items for any woman this year (whether you’re on the buying or receiving end!)


Tablet Computer

The market is now filled with a variety of handheld computers, commonly known as tablets, such as the iPad from Apple and the Kindle Fire from Amazon. The various models come with all kinds of different features such as FaceTime with the iPad which allows you to make video calls, and all the features of the amazing eReader with the Kindle combined with the benefits of a computer – all in one device. Users can put different cases on to protect their device, and these can be bought either online or in-store and can reflect the style or interests of the recipient. The newer the model, the more spec and the higher the price so take that into consideration!



Everyone loves to listen to music, and with so many different genres out there there’s something for everyone. Whether the recipient is the typical pop lover or a genuine rock chick you’re likely to find something up her street, with albums from Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran proving to be particularly popular right now.



You can never go too far wrong with jewellery, but make sure that you look into the style the person normally wears. You can buy materials such as silver, gold and white gold and each person has their own favourites for completing their outfits. If they don’t wear much gold, for example, it may be worth steering clear to ensure your purchase is successful, but all women love to wear rings, bracelets and necklaces so work within your budget and their styles – even look for something personalised such as a necklace with their name written out in Arabic.


Gig Tickets

Everyone has their favourite acts whether they’re musicians or comedians, so if you get the opportunity to have that conversation in the near future do so! You can then use this information to buy them tickets to see them live in concert. A comedy act can be a great way to spend an evening, having a laugh at their jokes that you’ve not seen them do on the various panel shows, while you never truly appreciate the quality of a band or musician until you see them live on stage.



Of course, every woman can use a new bag. Whether it’s a stylish clutch bag that they can take out with them on New Year’s Eve or an everyday bag from a top designer or outlet, there’s always a need for a new one, trust me!


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